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Anticipating EdenFYW!

Thank you SO MUCH, John, for everything you’ve done for us to help make this trip more than amazing! I have never traveled in such style and feel very grateful you’ve taken care of us like this. I really appreciate everything you’ve sent our way and just wanted to express that I am very much looking forward to this trip. Thank you for insuring that my first trip out of the country is going to be spectacular. 
Many, many thanks!
Kady W, Seattle, WA

We Are Fans

Let me try to be as true to how we’ve felt as possible…
When my wife first approached me with the idea of consulting you I had mixed feelings about it.
With the advent of the Internet, I’ve thought, we don’t really need Travel Agents.
There’s a myriad of websites and info out there, we can do price- comparison, why pay more when using an agent?
As self-sufficient and relatively well traveled individuals we did not need to bother…
So I was pretty skeptical and unwilling to act on it.
But our mutual Friend’s recommendation changed my stance a bit.
Aaron, as you may know, is a valuable Business Partner and a dear friend.
He’s been traveling extensively in the past few years with members of our family, primarily for work, and he knows what we like and dislike when traveling.
So the fact that he already used your services was an important factor in deciding to send you an initial email.
The fact that you provided pretty good upgrade packages (upgrades, hotel credits, breakfast etc) while being competitive in pricing sealed the deal.
Your attention to detail, the “dossiers” on the destinations and prompt responses also were a major factor.
Now I’m a believer on everybody’s need for a good Accountant, a good Lawyer, a good Doctor and a good “Travel Consultant”.
The key, to me, is that while we still can get most of the info we need online, there’s a lot of it out there, and to narrow down your choices the opinion and suggestions of a trusted third party can really help in achieving better decision- making.
And better decision- making can definitely be the difference between a good trip and a great one.
We’ve already recommended your services informally to several of our friends and hope that they will eventually follow our suggestions.
We are fans.
Thank You.

Alex L,  Los Angeles, CA

So Much Easier

Jill is the BEST!!!! Seriously got back to us with options in about an hour, booked in 20 minutess, YEAH!!!  So much easier than looking everything up and spending a half a day doing it myself. Plus she has the HOOK UPS!

Michelle S, Huntington Beach, CA

Unforgettable Getaway

Wow, what a vacation.  It was excellent!  I mean, absolutely excellent!!

The pick up from the airport was perfect –  The driver you arranged for was excellent, a nice little Mercedes, and the little extras were very nice too!

We have concluded that we had the nicest room in the resort – the room itself was beautiful, large and spacious, with amazing oceanfront views.  Our patio was on the backside of the main building and extended out so we could see both directions down the beach.  It was amazing!  Individuals there knew us by our first names, which was amazing.

We’re ready to book for next year.

Thank you so much for arranging for this unforgettable getaway for us!

Dwight R, Padadena, CA

Amazing Family Adventure

We had an amazing trip to Europe and can’t thank you enough for all your help!  When we started planning this trip, it was daunting to say the least.  With your expertise and contacts, we had an amazing family adventure!  All the arranged transfers and tours were wonderful!  All contacts, drivers, guides were prompt and helpful.  It was so nice to have so much arranged in advance and we could just enjoy the experience!  The accommodations and locations of the apartment in Venice and the Residence la Limonara in Bellagio were perfect!  We all had a great time and we look forward to our future adventures!

David H, Bellevue, WA

Good Egg

EFYW: my biggest fear is that my memory will be defeated by old age and the wonderful memories of the trip you planned for us will begin to fade.  My daughter absolutely loved her experience and even traveling with a couple of over the hillers did not distract her from a great time.  Kerry and I are forever grateful for you guidance.  I would be remiss if I also did not include a thank you for your patience as we asked you endless questions and voiced weak concerns over nothing.  What a good egg you are!

Ann, Kerry and Ava, CA

Smooth Travels

The trip was amazing!  All of our travel arrangements worked out perfectly, Actually, the most smooth traveling we’ve ever had!  Everything was so nicely planned out and it made things very stress-free.

Leslie & Cody, Long Beach, CA

So Glad I Found Eden For Your World

I found EFYW while doing a Google search for local travel agents and I am so glad I found them! My fiance and I were planning our honeymoon to London and Paris and neither of us had ever been there let alone traveled out of the country! John was very helpful making sure we stayed in our budget but still got us “close to the action”. He took the time to answer all my emails promptly (even while he was out of the country). Once we booked our flights I went onto the companies website we were flying with and the cost was almost triple what John was getting it for us! I was so thankful I found him and he was able to take such good care of us. The flights were perfect, the hotel was perfect and he was perfect answering all our questions from what excursions we should book to how much in foreign currency we should take. Thanks John for providing us with an amazing experience and making our honeymoon even that much more memorable. I have already recommended John to several of my friends and family and I am using him for more upcoming trips!

Jaime and Ryan, Long Beach, CA

Support & Perks

I cannot rave enough about Eden for Your World.  I initially used them about a year and a half ago on the recommendation of friend and what they did for me has made me go back to them time and again.  To date, they have planned 7 or 8 vacations ranging from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  Here is what makes Eden so great.  First, they are professional, courteous, and incredibly knowledgeable about so many destinations.  Many of their recommendations come from their own first-hand experience—from Europe, to the Caribbean, Hawaii to the Middle East, the Maldives, South America, Canada—they’ve been there!  They can give you the pros and cons of different hotels because they have stayed in them.  Second, the connections! They seem to have connections at the best hotels all over the world and the hotels treat you like a VIP as a result (by the way, some of these hotels were hotels I had previously stayed in on my own booking and the level of service was not even comparable). Examples include snacks/wine/fruit baskets upon arrival at the hotel and being personally greeted by the hotel manager and shown to your room where your check-in is actually completed.  Third, the perks! The perks have included upgrades to better rooms or suites, transportation to/from the airport, daily breakfast, spa credit, lunches/dinners/cocktails—all at no additional cost and sometimes for rates that are below that available on the internet for an inferior room.  Finally, knowing that someone is there to help you if something goes wrong.  We had to cancel a vacation at the last minute because of a family emergency.  The support they provided was amazing and made dealing with airlines and hotels seamless-one phone call to them and all was taken care of.  In addition, again because of their connections, they managed to rebook our vacation and get the hotel to provide a credit even though our original booking was nonrefundable.  I don’t think I will ever plan a vacation without going through Eden for Your World.

Pardis, Los Angeles, CA

African Safari

Thank you so much for planning our fantastic South African adventure!  Thank you for taking such good care of us with the special upgrades and massages, those perks really enhanced our safari experience.  We absolutely loved being on safari!  We couldn’t have traveled like this without your thoughtfulness and expertise.

Cem, New York, NY

South East Asian Adventure

Thank you so much for planning, organizing and facilitating our SE Asia trip.  It certainly stands out from both of us as one, if not the most, incredible travel experiences we have ever had.  It was perfect in every way.

Jen and Dave, San Diego, CA

Honeymoon in Tahiti

The honeymoon was amazing, thank you. Moorea and Bora Bora were insane…. Oh yes yes, we loved the upgrades! At Moorea we got a sweet bungalow on a lovely lagoon and Bora Bora, well, the most baller Villa I have ever stepped foot on.  We loved our honeymoon!

Claudia P, San Francisco, CA

The Plaza in Paris

We got to Paris and Plaza Athenee last night and WOW!! The hotel is unbelievable. I have never been treated like royalty before. There were multiple people helping us. A bottle of wine and cake in our room. The director of guest services, I think, personally greeted us. It was amazing. The two of us were like 2 giggling teenagers.  I can’t thank you enough. I am not venturing outside of LA without going through you ever again!!

Pardis, Los Angeles, CA

Amazing Peru

We had an amazing time in Peru, especially in Cusco, The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.  Our guide and driver were very friendly and knowledgeable,  and made the whole experience very memorable.  The food was excellent, the weather cooperated, and the accommodations were very comfortable.

All in all, one of the most enjoyable trips we’ve taken.

Thank you very much for pulling things together at the last minute.  I’m sure we would not have had the same experience if we tried to do it on our own.

Ron P, Palo Alto, CA

World’s Best Travel Agent

As you can tell by the time of this e-mail, I am suffering from jet lag.  However, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to THANK YOU for everything!  Most recently, the tremendous response you provided for us when our flight was cancelled.

Thank you again for being the world’s best travel agent!!

Pam R, Pasadena, CA

Business in Saipan

Thank you again for organizing my trip to Saipan!! I seriously couldn’t have done it without you. Your patience, advice, expertise, & humor made it flow so nicely….you flying me in Business Class for one leg (both ways) was the BEST thing! Not only was Business Class wonderful!! But that allowed me to use the Delta Sky Lounge. That came in VERY handy during my 6-hr layover in Tokyo. I was able to get so much work done & I had food & liquids all day. Fantastic!!

Thank you again for helping & being SO available on such short notice. You got me a great price. Your suggestions for what would be best (in terms of hotel, etc…) was priceless! I’m hoping Saipan will have me back for an island-wide training. I’ll definitely contact you to help me with that. & I will definitely refer you to others. I’m completely satisfied!!

Lora K, Long Beach, CA

Wynn Win

Everything was perfect (at the Wynn Las Vegas)! From the moment I arrived to the minute I left. The room upgrade was a pleasant surprise when I checked in. The $60 credit I got for breakfast was great! I had an amazing meal for free! Not to forget the $50 resort credit I received! It was a wonderful 21st birthday! I will continue to use your services, no doubt!

Courtney R, CA

Trip to Mexico with Upgrades

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Eden For Your World for planning a wonderful trip to San Miguel in Mexico. It could not have been a more perfect trip. The hotel was stunning and the free triple upgrade was phenomenal; the welcome note was very touching. Pre-arranging the driver for the airport connections and the day trips was super convenient and very affordable. And you could not have picked a better tour operator for horseback riding; it was a blast! We’re definitely looking forward to planning more trips with Eden For Your World!!

Kurt K, Los Angeles, CA

European Honeymoon

Our European honeymoon was everything we had hoped for and more. As novice international travelers with little time to plan, we genuinely appreciated all that Eden for Your World did to ensure our trip was a success. John attended to our interests, promptly responded to all of our questions and concerns, and tailored a trip to exceed our expectations. Thank you, Eden for Your World, for your professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm. We highly recommend you!

Cheryl L, Los Angeles, CA

Family Vacation to Hawaii with Special Needs Met

Thanks so much for all the planning and thought you put in to our recent family vacation to Hawaii. We loved Maui and the activities you had planned for us were fantastic. As you know, the extra effort that you put into making arrangements for Ian really mean a lot to us, and to him. The accommodations at the Four Seasons were completely accessible, five-star quality and Ian was able to enjoy all of our family activities. Thanks also for your help with Liz’s business travel. She is travelling around the world now and your arrangements haven’t missed a beat. Keep up the excellent work.

Liz and Scott H, Seal Beach, CA

Worldwide Travel

Having traveled with John Oberacker in South America and Mexico, I have been consistently impressed with his knowledge and ability to seek out and create exciting adventures. I am happy to see him tap into his worldliness and appreciation of culture and share these with others in his newest endeavor, Eden for Your World. John’s love of food, culture, people, and life are an asset to anyone looking to plan the perfect vacation, whether it be on an African safari or to a South Pacific island retreat. Throughout John’s career, he has enhanced people’s lives by designing spaces in their homes and businesses that meet their specific needs and desires. This professional experience, together with his own personal travel experience, ensure that he will consistently deliver exactly what his travel clients are looking for.

Erica C, Bogota, Colombia

Surprise Birthday Trip to Mexico

Several years ago I wanted to go somewhere special for my 40th Birthday and my partner and I wanted our destination to be a “surprise.” But how do you go about surprising yourself? That’s where “Eden for Your World” came in…

We gave John our credit card and knowing our tastes, likes and dislikes, sense of adventure and fun, we asked John if he would plan a surprise trip for us. Several weeks later, on the night of our departure, we gathered with friends for our send off at LAX’s famed Encounter Restaurant. Everyone went around the table guessing where our destination would be: Rio? Paris? Bangkok? Cleveland? It didn’t matter to us. It was all about fun! All we were told was to pack a warm weather suitcase, a cold weather suitcase and to bring our passports.

With a smile on his face, John eagerly gave us our travel packets. We were so excited! Destination: Merida, Mexico, the country’s original colonial capital on the Yucatan Peninsula. Leaving our cold weather suitcases behind, we were in the air two hours later due south. Our trip was planned from beginning to end! And to say that demands some explanation. Since we didn’t have any idea where we were going, we couldn’t plan ahead on where to stay, how to rent a car, or what sites to visit, etc. John put together a comprehensive itinerary detailing our adventures day by day, points of interest with maps, directions, photos and historic or cultural excerpts written about each location, a full listing of our accommodations and travel schedule, where to eat, what sites to visit, which little taco stands were recommended by the locals, and even very cool off-the-beaten track pyramids, churches, ruins and other things to do or see. He even provided us with some Mexican currency in advance to pay for our initial taxis or for tipping at the hotel!

Merida was extremely beautiful and quaint, very interesting, historic and full of activity! The last leg of our trip included a 3-night stay at a 5-star hacienda and former sisal plantation called Temazon about an hour’s drive away. It was so relaxing and memorable there, we will never forget it! John’s attention to detail made my surprise birthday trip fun, enjoyable, easy and virtually worry free (if you didn’t get lost or turned around in a jungle once in awhile, you’re not really trying!).

We would book with “Eden for Your World” again without hesitation and will (and have) recommended John to others!  Thanks!

Matt H, Laguna Beach, CA

Tahiti Honeymoon

We got home earlier tonight, we’re all tan and excited to work on a photo album of our trip. Thanks so much for arranging everything, we absolutely loved Moorea and Bora Bora, the resorts were fabulous, transfers were smooth, we loved every minute! We even got bungalow 44 at the Pearl Beach – all the way at the end of the pontoon with a gorgeous, unobstructed view of Mt. Otemanu, spent hours just staring at it from our deck. And good call on the garden pool bungalow in Moorea, it was great having our own private backyard with the pool, deck and chairs.

Thanks again for helping to make our honeymoon so much fun!

Marci, New York, NY

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